Student or Personal Web Server

Information Page

  • This page is automatically produced when a new student or personal account is created on the student or personal web server.

  • The long-established default page for this server is the welcome.htm file. Its content can be replaced with the student or personal data.
    Information Technology Services can not complete student assignments or personal projects on the web server.
  • The Eastern New Mexico University logo or masthead may NOT be used on individual web pages.
    Use of the logo or masthead or the ENMU name in the title of a page would be a misrepresentation of an endorsement by the University of the page's contents. Such a misrepresentation would necessitate immediate removal of the page from the server when found or reported.
  • Students and individuals remain solely responsible for the content of their web pages. If these pages contain material or are used for purposes that are prohibited by civil or criminal law or University policies and regulations, the owner of the page will be subject to all applicable penalties.

  • As a student or personal publisher the areas of legal concern are:
    Libel - A false, written, printed or pictorial statement that maliciously damages a person's reputation;

    Slander - A false and malicious oral statement injurious to a person's reputation;

    Privacy - use of personal images or writings - Written and verifiable permission needs to be requested for authorization from the appropriate source to use personal works or images for publication; and

    Copyrighted materials - You must ask permission of the copyright holder to use their material. Linking to copyrighted materials on the web is a lot easier than just copying text.
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