Greyhound Amateur Radio Club

Charter - December 2007






A.  Name: The organization shall be known as the Greyhound Amateur Radio Club. It will also be known as the Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) ARC.

The founding charter members of the ENMU ARC are:

            Larry Ahlstrom           N5HKL

            Jeff Burmeister           W5OMU

            Rhomylly Forbes         KE5JHI

            Jim Lawrence              KC5GWU

            Ed Miller                     WB5HUY

            Tim Stanford               AD5SY

            Rick Taylor                 KB5ZFC      


B.  Purpose:

ENMU ARC is organized according to the rules and regulations of Eastern New Mexico University (a public not-for-profit post-secondary institution of higher education) for the following purposes:

1.      To establish a university organization for the benefit of ENMU students and staff   

       interested in the art and science of radio communications and the hobby of amateur radio.

2.      To promote and enhance the knowledge, practice, skills and enjoyment of electronics    

technology and amateur radio.

3.      To establish, equip, and operate an amateur radio station and repeater system for the use and enjoyment of club members

4.      To provide communications capabilities for specials events, emergencies and/or disasters when normal communications have been disrupted or disabled.

5.      To promote the hobby of amateur radio by assisting members in obtaining or upgrading amateur radio licenses through education, mutual assistance, and other club activities.




A.  Membership Application:

Membership in ENMU ARC is available to all whom are eligible according to the following criteria, without regard to race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or disabilities of the applicant.            

All persons who are interested in radio, digital, satellite or other communications technologies who wish to join the ENMU ARC may apply for membership by completing a membership application, along with submitting dues that may be established through these bylaws.

B.  Membership Classifications:

ENMU ARC membership is categorized as follows:

1.       Regular:  any ENMU student, faculty or staff member, and local residents holding a valid amateur radio operators license eligible to operate an amateur radio station in the United States.  Regular (licensed) members who have received training for club equipment shall be entitled to operate the club station without supervision.  Regular members in good standing are entitled to all benefits and privileges of the club.


2.      Associate: Associate membership is available to anyone who does not hold a valid amateur radio license.  Associate members may operate club radio station equipment under the supervision of regular, licensed club members, and in accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations.  Associate members may excersize voting privileges, but may not serve as an officer of the club.  Associate members may serve as committee members.  At the discretion of the Club Officers, an Associate member may be granted additional temporary privileges.

C.  Membership Meetings:   The Club shall hold regularly scheduled meetings each calendar month.  The days, times, and places of each meeting will be set by the Club officers, and with the approval of the members.  All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the latest version of Robert’s Rules of Order, as revised and amended.

The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be the meeting at which elections are held for Club office and for the elected positions on Club Committees.  Prior notice of the meeting schedule shall be posted 30 days in advance and emailed to all members.  When short notice is required, information shall be provided on the club voice repeater system.




A:  Voting Classifications:   All regular or associate members in good standing are eligible to vote.



ARTICLE IV - Removal from Club rolls (non-expulsion)


A:  Non-payment of Dues or fees:  Failure to pay Club dues within thirty (30) days after the beginning of a new Club fiscal year shall be considered cause for removal from the Club membership rolls.  Members removed for non-payment of dues shall be reinstated to their previous membership status upon full payment of dues assessed for the current fiscal year. 





A:  Expulsion of a member from the ENMU ARC:

Any member who willfully and knowingly:

1.       Violates club rules, practices, or procedures,  or

2.       Violates FCC rules and  regulations, or conditions of license, shall be liable for expulsion from the ENMU ARC.  

3.      Upon expulsion, any member, officer, or appointee shall immediately return any and all records, assets, equipment, and information belonging to the ENMU ARC. 

4.      Once a member is expelled, re-admittance to Club membership shall occur only upon unanimous vote of the Club Officers.


ARTICLE VI - Membership fees and dues


A:  Initiation Fee:  An initiation fee, as established by the Executive Board and approved by the membership, shall be payable upon initial application for membership and required of all applicants for membership.  This fee shall be assessed only once, upon the member’s initial application.

1.      An initiation fee of $5.00 per member was established by unanimous vote of the members   

present at the membership meeting of February 9, 2008.

B:  Dues:  Membership dues, in an amount to be determined by the Executive Board and approved by the Membership, shall be assessed annually and are payable during the renewal period of September through October.

     1.   Reduced rates may be assessed for members who classified as retired, student, or family.

2.      Persons for whom payment of dues would constitute a hardship may, at the discretion of

the Executive Board, be exempt from the payment of dues. 

     3.   Life members shall be exempt from the payment of Club dues. 

3.      At the request from a new student member, initiation fees and dues may be waived for one   

year from the date of their 

           application to the ENMU ARC.

4.      Annual dues of $20.00 per member was established by unanimous vote of the members

present at the membership meeting of  February 9, 2008.

C:  Credit for Dues Paid ‘Out of Cycle’:  Members who joined during the previous Club fiscal year shall receive a credit for that portion of the previous year for which they paid.  The credit is calculated on a quarterly basis.  This credit shall be deducted from the dues assessment for the current fiscal year.



ARTICLE VII - Fiscal Year


The Club fiscal year shall be from October 1 through September 30.




The officers of the ENMU ARC shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Trustee. All members, except Associate members, shall be eligible to hold office.



ARTICLE IX - Election of Officers and Executive Board Members


Officers shall be elected annually by secret written ballot at the first regularly scheduled Club meeting in September.  Officers shall serve until their successors are elected and installed.  Installation of officers shall take place at the first regularly scheduled Club meeting in October.  To be eligible to hold an office in the ENMU ARC, the candidate must have been a member of the ENMU ARC for at least one year.

At the first meeting in August, the presiding club officer shall appoint a nominating committee composed of members in good standing.  At the first regularly scheduled Club meeting in May, the committee shall submit a slate of proposed nominees to the Club.  Each office shall have at least one candidate. At the May meeting, a request for nominations from the floor shall be entertained. 



ARTICLE X - Removal from Office


A. The President or Vice President may, after advice from the membership, remove any officer, including each other, from the duties  of their office for the following reasons:

      1.  Excessive Absence.

      2.  Failure to pay fees or dues

      3.  Gross misconduct


B.  Procedures for removal.

      1.  In the case of excessive absence of an officer or board member that results in the

           disruption or delay of club operations or activities, the officer shall be removed by a

           simple majority vote of the other members.

      2.  In the event a Club officer or Board member has not paid annual membership fees in

accordance with Articles IV or VI, his (or her) office or Executive Board seat shall declared vacant.  However, if the inability to pay fees or dues is a result of severe 

            financial hardship, the Executive board can either waive or excuse overdue fees or dues

            in the best interest of the  membership.       

      3.   In the case of gross official misconduct:   An officer or Executive Board member accused  

            of gross official misconduct may be suspended from duties associated with said office by   

            a unanimous vote of the other officers. In accordance with Article V, any officer  who     

            willfully or knowingly:

                 a.  violates club rules, practices, or procedures,  or

                 b.  violates FCC rules, regulations, or conditions of license, 

             shall be liable for expulsion from the ENMU ARC.


ARTICLE XI - Officer or Elected Board Member Vacancy


Should any Club office be vacated for any reason, the position shall be filled by any eligible Club member who shall be voted upon and approved by the entire remaining club officers.  This person shall serve the remainder of the current term and then the normal election procedure shall be followed as described within these by-laws.

Should the President’s office be vacated, the Vice-President shall immediately resign that office, become President for the remainder of the current term, and immediately assume the duties of the President.  The Vice-President’s position shall be filled by any eligible member who shall be voted upon and approved by the entire remaining officers.  This person shall serve the remainder of the current term and then the normal election procedure shall be followed as described within these by-laws.


ARTICLE XII - Duties of the Officers



A:  President - The President shall preside over the board, all Club meetings, and be an ex-officio member of all Club committees.  The President shall have authority and power to appoint all committee chair persons subject to approval by a simple majority of the Board. This authority may be delegated from time to time as deemed necessary; however, the ultimate authority to concur or veto all Club appointments shall remain with the President at all times.  The President may, from time to time, also delegate others the authority to act as Club spokesperson or representative of the Club, but shall retain the ultimate authority to act as the primary spokesperson and representative of the Club in all cases.

B:  Vice-President - The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties.  Should the President be unable to continue in office because of sickness, death, becoming incapacitated, or through the office becoming vacant, the Vice-President shall assume the office in accordance with the procedures described in these by-laws.  The Vice-President shall preside over all Club functions in the stead of the President should the President not be able to do so.

C:  Secretary - The secretary shall perform the following duties:

      1.    Maintain an accurate record of all Club meeting minutes and attendance. 

      2.    Maintain a membership list of  names, addresses, email, and  telephone numbers

      3.    Maintain the Club charter, bylaws and related documents.

      4.    At the completion of the term of office, turn over all materials and information to the

             incoming  secretary in a timely manner.

D:  Treasurer - The treasurer shall perform the following duties:

  1. Disburse and receive all Club funds
  2. Maintain accurate records of all club financial transactions.
  3. Provide the membership with timely reports club assets or equipment purchased,  leased, or borrowed . 
  4. Maintain a record of  membership initiation fees and dues. 
  5. At the completion of the term of office, turn over all materials and information to the incoming  secretary treasus rer in a timely manner.

E:  Trustee - The trustee shall be nominated by the President and approved by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board. The Trustee shall perform the following duties:

      1.   Maintain the station FCC license,

      2.   Advise members of FCC rules and regulations regarding operation of the club station,

      3.   Participate in the activities concerning the club radio station and repeaters, such as

            frequency coordination, licensing, installation, operation, and maintenance.





A:  Quorum -  A quorum of the officers  shall consist of at least three (3) members of the board.  A quorum at any regularly scheduled Club meeting shall consist of the voting members present.

B:  Absence of Quorum -  In the absence of a quorum, no action taken in the name of the Club or the club officers shall be valid.



A:  Composition -  The Executive Board shall consist of the following officers:

     1.  The officers of the Club shall be:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and   


B:  Duties  The Executive Board shall conduct all business of the Club not otherwise delegated by the by-laws.  They shall advise the President on matters of Club business.  They shall faithfully carry out all the lawful directives which the Club or the President  may issue.

C: Vacancies  Members of the Executive Board.  If a seat on the Executive Board should for any reason become vacant, the remaining members of the Executive Board shall, by a simple majority vote, select a member of the Club who is not already an officer of the Club or member of the Executive Board to serve in that seat until the next election.

D: Meetings   The Executive Board shall meet when needed.  All meetings of the Executive Board must be open.  The Executive Board shall, whenever possible, notify the Club's membership of the times and places at which it shall meet.  The president shall call for the meeting, and make notification of the time and place, by mail or telephone or email to membership, giving at least one week’s notice except when such advanced notice is not practical.




A:  Appointment to Committees -  The President shall appoint all committee chairpersons, standing or otherwise.  Each committee shall have a chairperson.  The chairperson shall serve at the pleasure of the President.  The committee chairperson, with the advice and consent of the President, shall appoint members to their respective committees.  Committee chairpersons shall report on committee activities to the membership at each monthly meeting.

B:  Standing Committees   The following standing committees shall be appointed:

Technical Committee - The Trustee shall be the Chairperson of the technical committee. The technical committee shall be charged with the responsibilityof installing, maintaining, and repairing club radio station equipment in good operating condition. 





Upon dissolution of the Club, the Executive Board shall petition Eastern New Mexico University to assume jurisdiction over club assets and accomplish a distribution in accordance with university rules, regulations and New Mexico State Law.




Amendments to the By-Laws

 A.  Any voting member may submit a proposed amendment to these by-laws at any regular meeting of the Club.  Such proposals must be written, signed by five voting members of the Club, and must be given to the Club officer presiding at the regular meeting, who shall in turn give it to the president.

 B.  At the next meeting of the Executive Board, the president shall present the proposed amendment to the Executive Board, which will then discuss it and recommend either adoption or rejection of the proposed amendment, including in the recommendation the reasons for adoption or rejection.


C.  At the first regular meeting of the Club following the decisive meeting of the Executive Board, the officer presiding at the meeting shall present to the Club the Executive Board's recommendation on

The proposed amendment to these By-laws.  The only action the Club may take at this time is to set a date, time, and place at which a vote on the proposed amendment shall occur.


D.  The secretary treasurer shall convey copies of the proposed amendment and supporting comments from its creators, and the Executive Board's recommendations and comments on the proposed amendment.

E. At the meeting of the Club at which the vote on the proposed amendment shall occur, a two thirds majority vote of the quorum present in favor of the proposed amendment is required to adopt it.


This Charter Amended and Adopted by the Membership

Greyhound Amateur Radio Club

January 9, 2008


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